About Morris

2008 was a very prolific year in terms of new names in Romanian music: the clubbing type of music was brought on radio by MORRIS. But who is Morris? Morris is a young graduate of the Theater and Film Art Institute who loves everything that art means. His histrionic talent was highlighted in the sitcom “In the block”, as well as in the series “Good Guys”. Morris can also boasts with the appearance in the movie “Triangle of death”, directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu.

In love with music, Morris has worked as a DJ in various clubs in Bucharest for four years and has managed to make many friends among artists. All these friendships got a professional connotation in 2008 when he entered the studio together with the guys at PLAY & WIN, the three composers born in Alba Iulia, stationed in Constanta with whom MORRIS made the first single “Till The Morning Light”. The song, released by Roton Record Company in the summer of 2008, became, shortly after onset, a hit in clubs and on radio.

Wanting to prove that he’s not one single artist, in early 2009 Morris released a new single ‘Desire’. “Desire” also features a video clip that presents the artist in a double quality: singer and DJ.

Morris is nominated for “ROMANIAN MUSIC AWARDS 2009” and “ROMANIAN TOP HITS”, winning the special prize in “BEST SPECIAL MALE” category.

“Desire” has broken both Romanian and foreign radio charts (from Greece, Russia, Poland, Germany, Albania, India, etc.), playing at famous international festivals and performances.

After the success of the two singles, “Till The Morning Light” and “Desire” which brought Morris many events where his performance was widely praised, there was a new hit: “HAVANA LOVER” with a video clip as good as the song.

“Havana lover” was also highly appreciated both at home and abroad, having the leading positions in the music charts.

Next hit “Angel Eyes” really managed to enter on the international music market (BEATPORT).